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16 september onsdag

Legal Tech and the development of new Legal Services in Europe

16 september 2020, 12:00 - 16 september 2020, 13:30

Legal Tech and the development of new Legal Services in Europe

Ett seminarium som genomförs i samarbete med ELTA. OBS! seminariet genomförs på engelska.

Onsdag den 16 sep kl 12 – 13.30 via Zoom

Anmälan görs här:


Mer info om seminariet:

Legal Tech is a hot topic in the legal world today and we see a lot of new ideas on how to modernise the legal sector. Still most legal tech initiatives are about making lawyers more efficient in their legal work. How have all these new initiatives affected buyers of legal services in the European countries? How many obvious alternative legal services are available except from turning to law firms or hire some in-house lawyers for solving their legal issues?

During this seminar we will receive an outlook on the status of the legal sector in some countries around Europe through Ambassadors in ELTA.

The Agenda:

Welcome and introduction to the subject by Helena Hallgarn, Chair of SIJU

Short presentation of ELTA by Markus Hartung,

Presentations from Ambassadors of ELTA:

Sweden              Helena Hallgarn

Germany            Markus Hartung, Founder and Senior Fellow at the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession.

Spain                   Maria Jesus Gonzales-Espejo, Managing Partner at Instituto de Innovación Legal and vice-president of ELTA

Russia                 Holger Zscheyge, Managing Director at Infotropic Media

France                 Grégoire Miot, Head of New Markets & Chief Evangelist at Wolters Kluwer

Portugal              Marisa Monteiro Borsboom, CEO & General Counsel at MQMLegal

Croatia                Marko Porobija, Managing Partner/CEO at Porobija Špolijari´c LLC

Romania             Ana-Maria Drăgănuță Briard, Founder & CEO at Avoteca.


Datum: september 16
Tid: 12:00 - 13:30
Arrangör: Svenska föreningen för IT & Juridik
Telefon: 08-731 43 92
Webbplats: http://siju.se/