Systerorganisationer och samarbetspartners


Stiftelsen för rättsinformation
Stiftelsen för rättsinformation är en sammanslutning av myndigheter, organisationer och privata företag som har ett intresse av att främja produktion och tillgängliggörande av rättsinformation som exempelvis lagar, rättsfall och förarbeten i elektronisk form. Stiftelsen verkar genom att anordna workshops och konferenser, samt sprider information genom denna webbplats.
IRI – The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute
IRI explores the interaction between Law and Information Technology. The topic is a meeting place for traditional legal studies, information science and information technology. Through this subject, the legal system acquires new working tools for the handling of source material, legal proceedings become automated and legal activities take on a new guise. Law and Information Technology focuses on both methodological issues and regulative issues.

The activities started in 1968 and are to a large extent project oriented. Apart from research, IRI is engaged in educational activities and Law and Information Technology (“Rättsinformatik”) has since the early 1980s been a compulsory component in the legal education at Stockholm University. IRI has also administrated an international Masters Programme in Law and Information Technology for more than ten years.


Institutet för informationsteknologi (IFI) är en oberoende organisation som erbjuder dig och din organisation den senaste kunskapen inom en rad olika ämnesområden som t.ex. IT-juridik, avtal, sourcing, digitalisering och verksamhetsutveckling. Vi erbjuder kompetensutveckling och livslångt lärande genom öppna och verksamhetsinterna utbildningar, certifieringsprogram, event och inspirationsseminarier. Vi arbetar alltid tillsammans med Sveriges främsta föreläsare och experter för att säkra relevans, aktualitet och kvalitet.

IFI erbjuder SIJUs medlemmar 15-20 % rabatt på samtliga utbildningar och evenemang som ges i IFIs regi. Rabatten gäller på ordinarie pris och kan inte kombineras med andra erbjudanden. Rabattkoden återfinns i de mail som skickas till medlemmarna i SIJU med information om aktuella event.

ELTA – European Legal Tech Association

ELTAs main objective is to strengthen legal technology (Legal Tech) at a European level. The Association is actively involved in social and political debate in order to speak up for the concerns and interests of our members and to strengthen the position of legal technology in the European legal market. In so doing, address topics that are relevant for the use and continuous development of legal technology, develop specific proposals, and advocates these vis-á-vis the political sphere, business, media and society.

The Association promotes science and research, as well as European and international communication in the legal technology field and its neighboring disciplines. With this in mind, ELTA encourage a dialogue between legal technology users and developers. ELTA regularly informs its members about important and current topics, trends and developments. In addition, there are regular in-person and online events designed to promote networking at a European level between all those who share an interest in legal technology.

Tech Academy Nordic 2020

On October 9th this year, an event called Tech Academy is arranged at Ideon, located in Lund, Sweden. The event is a one-day-program for law students all over the Nordic region, with the goal of inspiring students in tech-law and reducing the gap between technology and law. During the day, students will have the opportunity to meet companies from different branches that actively work with new technologies and to learn how they are implemented in their processes, their business and in their work methods internally to build and develop digitalization. The aim of the project is therefore to shed light on both the technical knowledge that is needed, as well as the implementation that needs to be done, and the legal questions that arise regarding various aspects of this.

2019 was the first year Tech Academy Nordic was organized, and it was a success! During the two days last year, the student were given the chance to explore topics such as AI, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Big Data, and some of the companies that participated were: Microsoft, iZettle, IKEA, Sony, Nasdaq, Donna Legal, Helsingborg District Court, VQ Legal, Vinge, among others.

For more information about Tech Academy, please see the website: